The London Audio Show 2024 - What To Expect

Posted on 3rd April, 2024

The London Audio Show 2024 - What To Expect

The London Audio Show 2024 returns this month with exclusives alongside global and national debuts. This is the audio show not to miss this year.

The clocks have gone forward an hour and the days are getting longer, if not warmer. All the usual signs of spring. However, this year spring also sees the highly anticipated return of The London Audio Show.

The London Audio Show traces its roots back over twenty years ago before it moved to the Midlands and became the hugely popular UK Audio Show.

While other shows have followed this centralised positioning, the team behind The London Audio Show have decided to re-establish the southern show just over an hour from central London, hosted at the Radisson Red Hotel, Heathrow, making it perfectly suited for international brands and visitors.

There are many exciting 'UK firsts' to be announced, as well as spectacular show exclusives.


Firstly, Gershman Acoustics will be showing its Grande Avant Garde floorstanders alongside its Studio 2 loudspeakers, the latter making its UK demo debut.

These promise to be something special as Gershman Acoustics has been making ground-breaking speakers for over 30 years, originally designing speakers for professional studio use. You will find Gershman Acoustics speakers installed in most major recording studios across North America and Canada.


Tannoy and Audio Lounge London are collaborating at this year's London Audio Show to bring you their 'Best of British' system, which comprises brands such as Tannoy, Naim, SME, Sugden Audio, Chord Cables, and Quadraspire.


A brand that doesn't necessarily need an introduction but, perhaps, is still misunderstood by some as 'DJ equipment'.

Well, let yourself experience an array of top-tier audio equipment from the famous brand. You can expect Technics' SU-R1000 Reference Class Integrated Amplifier, SL-G700M2 Grand Class Network/Super Audio CD player, and SB-G90M2 Grand Class Floor-standing Speakers, for starters.

Additionally, the company is bringing along its latest innovation, the Applause Award-winning SL-1200GR2 Grand Class Turntable, so you can see why we were impressed by it.


Witness the highly talented Damon Sawyer of Crescent Records and artists Ethemia record live in hi-res (384k) while immersing yourself in the raw energy and spontaneity that only a live performance can offer.

During this exclusive event, you get to compare the visceral experience with the meticulously captured, high-resolution playback in a second room simultaneously to get an immediate comparison and hear the fine monitoring supplied by Quested. Amplification is provided by Ultrafide, and cables/mains are courtesy of Quiescent Audio.

This will offer a unique perspective to many of the differences between live and recorded music. Appreciate the artistry in both realms while exploring the intricacies of hi-res audio reproduction.

Acoustic duo Ethemia combines strong vocals, beautiful harmonies, catchy melodies, and great guitar riffs that bring Fleetwood Mac to mind. They have toured extensively throughout Europe and the UK, performed, and been broadcast on many radio stations. They have supported many world-class acts, including The Strawbs, Curved Air, Loudon Wainwright III, Steeleye Span, John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett, and more.


Making its UK show debut is the Italian brand M2Tech. Moreover, this Pisa-based company promises to bring the brand new (currently still in production) Classic Integrated to The London Audio Show 2024 for its global unveiling.

M2Tech is a company that enjoys great prestige worldwide and which, in addition to marketing a complete line of products under its own brand, offers consultancy and technical and production support to numerous manufacturers of hi-fi products.


Connected-fidelity's new TT Hub turntable will be demonstrated loaded with a Sorane tonearm and Hana MC cartridge. It will be supported by Audio Detail amplification and Coppice Audio loudspeakers.

The TT Hub boasts a high-quality 12-pole low-voltage AC motor run from a quartz clock-controlled circuit, offering a constant and smooth speed regardless of variation in mains voltage, frequency, and condition.


Audio Note has told us that it will be showing its newly re-launched AX TWO Speakers along with a full level 2 Audio Note UK system.

That system features a P2SE SIGNATURE integrated stereo power amplifier with an M2 LINE Pre Amplifier in control. Meanwhile, a CDT 2 Transport combined with a DAC 2.1x SIGNATURE for digital playback and an M2 RIAA with a TT2 turntable, ToneArmOne /ii and IQ 2 MM cartridge will take care of analogue playback.


Audia Flight is still a fairly new brand to the UK, but its presence here is growing. Time Audio will feature the Audia Flight FLCD 3 S CD Player and FL 3 S integrated amplifier at this year's London Audio Show.

While the amplifier has been around for a few years now, the CD player is relatively new and won't have been seen by many, as retail exposure has been very limited in the UK thus far. So, now's your chance.


That's not too shabby a start is it? Naturally, there will be more news as the show gets closer, but this should be enough for you to want to know about tickets.

Join us at the Radisson Red Hotel Heathrow and return to the birthplace of independent UK Audio/Hi-Fi Shows. The London Audio Show 2024 runs from Saturday, 20th April (10am—6pm) to Sunday, 21st April (10am—4pm), and Early Bird tickets are now on sale.

Early Bird tickets are available until 19th April. Day tickets are £10 (standard price is £15) and weekend tickets are £15 instead of £25, so don't delay.

Visit The London Audio Show for more information


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