Campfire Audio’s Fathom Feature Chromatic Casement

Posted on 5th April, 2024

Campfire Audio’s Fathom Feature Chromatic Casement

Campfire Audio brings some chromatic goodness with its new Fathom IEMs.

Well-known for spectacular IEM offerings such as the Andromeda, Solaris, Trifecta series and more, the Oregon brand has launched its first new IEM for 2024, the Campfire Audio Fathom, in the UK.

Campfire Audio Fathom IEM

Designed and assembled in Portland, the Campfire Fathom comes with six custom-made balanced armature drivers in a shell reminiscent of the brand's iconic Andromeda Emerald Sea design.

The shells are machined out of aluminium and anodised in an entrancing black bright dip, with eye-catching rainbow PVD ring fasteners and MMCX captures. Thanks to the nature of the prismatic PVD, each unit will be subtly unique.

Campfire Audio Fathom IEM

Inside, the IEM has two custom tweeters for crisp highs, a pair of custom midrange drivers and dual custom BA woofers for the bass, with the setup engineered for precise sound reproduction. Campfire Audio claims that the company's Phase Harmony Engineering allows the engineers to segment the frequency response and assign those to specific drivers to apply the drivers' strengths to that area.

The claimed frequency response is from 5Hz to 20kHz, with a total harmonic distortion under 1%. Campfire Audio is also known for its approach to using precision-engineered driver housings and shell geometry to customise its IEMS' sound signatures, and the Fathom has received that same treatment.  

Campfire Audio Fathom IEM

The product comparison page on Campfire Audio's website describes the Fathom's sound signature as “nuanced, detailed, technical”. The goal of the IEM's design is to “provide a sound true to the original recording, allowing you to hear your music with clarity and depth”.

Campfire Audio Fathom IEM

The IEMs also come with an excellent array of accessories, including two Time Stream cables in 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced terminations. The cables use eight silver-plated copper conductors in a ribbon configuration that is said to have low microphonics.

Campfire Audio Fathom IEM

To store everything, there's a Dimensional Folding leather carrying case that's handmade in Portugal. Additionally, you get Campfire Audio's Breezy Bag Junior and Breezy Bag Micro and a rainbow PVD carabiner to keep everything safe and secure during transport.

The Campfire Audio Fathom IEMs are now available at a recommended retail price of £1,049.

Visit Campfire Audio for more information


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