EverSolo DMP-A6 Music Streamer Review

Posted on 3rd August, 2023

EverSolo DMP-A6 Music Streamer Review

Craig Joyce samples an interesting and innovative new desktop digital music player…


DMP-A6 Music Streamer

£759 RRP

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review

Shenzhen Zidoo Technology was established in 2014 and manufactures ARM multi-core architecture electronics for both industrial and consumer sectors. The company has made a name for itself with its 4K home theatre media players and audiophile hi-fi products, with the Eversolo DMP-A6 that you see here being the latest example. An all-in-one device, this little box works as a streamer, DAC, network media player, preamp and media storage server – and is further enriched by an expansive app ecosystem. Funded by Zidoo, Eversolo Audio's team consists of industry veterans who have spent numerous years in hi-fi development and management.

The DMP-A6 sells at a highly competitive price point – one that's under the Lumins and Auralics of the world, but above BlueSound and Sonos offerings. Its closest competition comes perhaps from Matrix Audio, which is another well-regarded Chinese manufacturer of network streamers and DACs. However, functionality is more akin to the much more expensive Linn Selekt DSM, offering a highly flexible yet modular platform to suit many discrete use cases.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review


This compact [187x90x270mm, WxHxD] unit has a solid aluminium alloy chassis with a brushed front panel surrounding a 6” large LCD colour touchscreen. Its large multi-function jog wheel is a pleasure to use with its lovely tactile feel, and the touchscreen is particularly user-friendly, its display visible from some distance. The user interface offers ample flexibility, enabling customisation of the playback visualisation from various VU meters to media playback showcasing album cover art; I found myself primarily using the default playback interface.

Using Android 11 as the core operating system, the Eversolo can side-load applications (APK files) from online repositories. It plays Qobuz, Tidal and Hiresaudio natively, and there are apps on the platform for Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, KKBox, Napster, TuneIn Radio, Radio Paradise, BBC Sounds, RadioDroid, and Open Radio. To access these services, the relevant applications need to be installed, but this is as straightforward as downloading a new app on a phone.

During my testing, I attempted a side-loaded installation of SoundCloud from the Android APK, but the app was uncooperative. On a more positive note, through some smart software engineering, the design team has created the Eversolo Original Sampling Rate (EOS) audio engine. This bypasses native restrictions on Android's audio source rate conversion, enabling direct audio output from third-party apps. Consequently, it enables direct high-resolution audio output from the Apple Music app, thus overcoming one of the challenges of integrating Apple Music into many hi-fi systems.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review

The DMP-A6 sports twin ESS 9038Q2M DACs claimed to deliver high accuracy and low noise. The circuitry is fully balanced and offers both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended pre-outs. Digital inputs include USB, S/PDIF (both coaxial and optical), and Ethernet. The output options feature S/PDIF (coaxial and optical), USB and HDMI. Eversolo claims that the HDMI output is unique to this product, with support for 192kHz PCM and DSD64 in a multi-channel output. This is specifically designed to facilitate multi-channel audio when hooked up to an AV receiver. For network connectivity, there are dual-band Wi-Fi and gigabit Ethernet options. A Bluetooth 5.0 audio input is included, which supports SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL, aptX HD and LDAC.

The Eversolo also comes with several USB ports located at the back of the device. The USB OTG port is primarily designed for file transfers and hooking up external storage devices. The USB Audio port is mainly intended for connecting an external DAC when using the device as a network transport. Lastly, the USB Type-C port acts as an audio input, which lets the DMP-A6 function as a standalone DAC. Stereo PCM is catered for up to 24-bit, 192kHz and DSD64 DOP, with MQA playback through its S/PDIF connection. The USB-C audio input is designed to work with a variety of sources, including Windows (7 and 10), Apple Mac, Android and iOS. This input can handle stereo audio up to DSD512 or 32-bit, 768kHz PCM.

An ARM Cortex-A55 Quad core processor is fitted, accompanied by 4GB of DDR RAM and 32GB of built-in storage. Notably, the device offers the option for increasing the onboard media storage with M.2 NVME 3.0 SSD chips (not included), up to a staggering 4TB. This essentially transforms the device into a self-contained storage server. Additionally, it's possible to connect the DMP-A6 to SMB shares hosted on a local NAS or server.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review

Once connected, it can index and play media content directly from the local network. However, the Eversolo team reminds users that while there's no explicit restriction on the size of the local storage or media database, a large database could potentially hamper operational smoothness. There is a user-friendly app available for both Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets to control the device. While there is an option to purchase a Bluetooth remote control, many people nowadays might opt to use a streaming application or service like Roon.


Upon powering up the unit, the device detected an internet connection and prompted for a firmware update. This was a circa 1GB download, with simple-to-follow prompts on the touchscreen to guide me through the process. After a reboot – and an unpleasant pop on my monitor speakers – a wizard was presented to set the timezone and network configuration and to provide a QR code to download the Eversolo Control app.

Upon launching the app, the DMP-A6 was readily detectable on the network. Interestingly, Roon initially identified the device as a Zidoo Neo S. However, after the firmware 2.0 Build 1299 update, the device was recognised as an Eversolo DMP-A6 Roon Ready device. I was able to transfer my hi-res files (PCM and DSF) to the local disk via SMB across my network. Impressively, the unit managed to play the latter natively and without any interruptions. The files were indexed swiftly, and the app made it simple to navigate through folder hierarchies, although it was more challenging than Roon.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review

I activated Qobuz using the native DMP-A6 app and installed the Apple Music app. The touchscreen interface was straightforward and easy to navigate. A particularly pleasing feature was the ability to view cover art while browsing, and for the first time, I could play 24/192 content using Apple Music without needing a standalone computer or tablet in sight. Brilliant! The graphical user interface (GUI) has clearly been designed with care and thought, showing an intuitive layout. Its responsive feel avoids the noticeable delay often experienced with other such systems.

To evaluate the DMP-A6 in my system, I streamed hi-res audio from Qobuz using Roon and streamed direct from Apple Music – as well as playing files from local disk storage. I used the DMP-A6 as a digital preamp into a pair of Barefoot Micromain 27 mastering monitors for high-quality near-field listening.


There is a lot to like about the DMP-A6's sound. Indeed, throughout my audition period, it proved impressively adept at playing various musical compositions. It's particularly impressive in its delivery of electronic music, where it weaves together intricate soundscapes with ease, navigating complex basslines and maintaining clarity amidst complex audio arrangements.

It shines bright when dissecting recordings, laying out each musical element in its own distinct space within the mix. This capability is notable for the way it allows previously unnoticed details to come to the fore, adding a fresh layer of appreciation to familiar tracks. This device demonstrates deft handling of challenging elements, such as heavily altered samples and layered rhythms. Despite these complexities, the Eversolo successfully preserves the core melody while enhancing the finer details of the track. It reveals a diverse mix of instruments and vocals, resulting in a clean and well-rounded sound. Its ability to convey depth and richness to string instruments is impressive, as is its capacity to clearly articulate vocals.

When listening to the track She's A Star from the recent James album Be Opened By The Wonderful, the first thing that stood out was the fullness of the strings. They bloomed beautifully, wrapping me in a lush, expansive sound that brought every note to life. Tim Booth's vocals were a particular highlight, showcasing this unit's capacity for articulation. Every word was delivered with a precision that was a treat for my ears. The clarity and depth of the sound made this version surpass the original in my preferences, which is a testament to the transformative power of proper product engineering.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review

Hearing Jesper Dahlback's remix of Adam Beyer's Remainings III through Roon Radio was a real treat. The track starts with punchy kicks that give way to detuned bass synths, taking the piece from being merely good to outstanding. With lesser digital players, these oscillating basslines can come across as flat and uninteresting. However, on the DMP-A6, they were presented with finesse and formed a cohesive soundscape. The interplay of overlapping bass synths built an incredible level of tension and excitement, particularly noticeable during the breakdown about three minutes in. The Eversolo sounded super-clean, with no muddling of the mix. At higher volumes, the sound opened up further still, with the sub-bass sounding liquid and fulsome.

Recently, after reliving the nostalgia and excitement of a 10cc performance on their Australian tour, I was inspired to revisit the band's extensive and evocative back catalogue. One particular track, I'm Mandy, Fly Me, has consistently struck me as an exemplar of audio engineering and production. Even nearly fifty years on, its innovative sound continues to impress. When I viewed this classic through the lens of the DMP-A6, it introduced a new dimension to my appreciation of the track. The soundstage was broad and immersive, setting the scene for the vibrant energy that characterises the body of the song. The impact was immediate and gratifying, sparking an instinctive smile as the music unfolded.

The Eversolo carefully deconstructed this intricate composition, presenting each musical element in its own distinct space within the mix. It even highlighted the finest details that had previously gone unnoticed. Background vocals, once seamlessly woven into the melody, stood out as individual features. Another standout was the expertly equalised and filtered percussion. In my near-field setup, these sounds were truly delightful, radiating a warm midrange quality. The DMP-A6 was able to faithfully replicate these nuanced elements, paying tribute to the original recording.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review

There's Nothing Left Of Me But Her and This from British musical terrorist Tim Exile is a case study in extreme electronic music production, leveraging heavily altered samples that continuously veil their origin. The layering of rhythms and percussion instils a slightly unsettling feel, while deep sub-bass notes give a strong rhythmic foundation. This digital music player handled the recording with great finesse. Despite the chaotic musical programming that unfolded throughout the track, the core melody stayed intact. It successfully brought out nuanced details while permitting more intense parts of the composition to maintain their dynamic nature. The result was spectacular, a super-clean and precise rendition of a complex musical piece.

Post-hardcore band Girls Against Boys effortlessly blend raw guitar riffs with a pulsing bassline. As the opening chords of Park Avenue echoed around me, there was a palpable sense of drama. This track has an explosive feel, one that's both dense and expansive, with Scott McCloud's distinct vocal style adding an extra level of depth and intrigue. Played back through the DMP-A6, the multiple layers of this song came alive. The device managed to handle the diverse mix of instruments and vocals with remarkable balance, allowing listeners to experience the subtle interplay between them. The dual basslines – one of the defining elements of the track – drove the track relentlessly to its finale, and the result was hugely satisfying.

EverSolo DMP-A6 Review


With the DMP-A6, Eversolo has created an amazing value product that's a great entry point into streamed, networked, hi-res digital audio. It's a computer-less, all-in-one-box solution to facilitate media storage, streaming and digital preamp functionality. It's more intuitive to use than rivals from Matrix Audio, for example and provides much greater flexibility. Next-tier down solutions like the Bluesound Node and Sonos Port offer a fraction of its capabilities, so you need to go a long way up in price to find a similarly capable and flexible digital media platform.

Its sonic performance is excellent considering its modest price point, being noticeably less strident and shrill than its rivals. Connectivity is superb; its design effectively combines network-attached storage in the same box, greatly simplifying the user experience for many people. It even successfully addresses common issues encountered with integrating music services like Apple Music. The software proved to be stable and responsive, making it a joy to use. Overall, a big thumbs up to something that's currently one of the great bargains of today's digital audio world.

For more information visit Eversolo

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