How to connect Xbox 360 Controller to PC Without a Receiver?

There are ten methods to use the Wireless Xbox 360 on Windows PC

These are the step ladder You should focus:

1. The Xbox Earpiece for the PC is not Bluetooth.

You cannot connect the Xbox controller with the PC using just a Bluetooth connection. You should not buy a wireless Xbox 360 if the frequencies are different from Bluetooth. The Xbox radiocommunication controller requires an unusual adapter to work with your computer. The adapter is not included with the controller, and Microsoft does not sell it. A separate package must be purchased, including a controller and the USB adapter for Windows. 

2. Official and Simple.

If you have a controller and have the money to buy one, you can go with this official and verified Microsoft approach. You would need to order a set of items directly from Microsoft. The official Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows pack can be purchased here.

The controller is expensive, but it’s also very user-friendly and well worth the cost. Though this item is no longer available, you can still find it at trade openings and off-the-shelf stores. The bundle includes an additional controller. You can also sell it if you don’t use it.

3. It is pretty expensive.

The bundle’s official price is $60. The worst part is that it will be accessible for a fraction of that amount. You will not be upset even if the item is older. Best buy will also sell it for a close price.

Check to see if it is possible to get it at a lower price while shopping. Ensure that you check Amazon to confirm that the item has been fulfilled. The item can be faked in China. Be prepared to return it as soon as you locate it.

4. Replicas can cause headaches.

If you don’t have the budget for that much, you can look into third-party or cloned products at meager prices. You can then only purchase the USB receiver that the Xbox wireless controller transmits on. These counterfeits can be found in large numbers online.

They range from $7 to $15 and include a wide variety of brands. Some are perfect clones and can even work perfectly if you’re willing to suffer headaches. This can be a headache because you don’t know if they will work with your computer or not.

5. If you dig deeper, you may even find a middle market for these USB receivers.

Many products are sold separately from the controllers to make it easier for people who don’t want the bundle. You can buy such items online on Amazon or eBay if you’re willing to try. This is a risky venture as you don’t know what you’ll get.

6. If you’re willing to gamble.

These USB receivers that were left behind were tested with the counterpart controllers. Incompatibility can exist, but only partially. It would help if you looked for listings that include a picture of the device.

Look out for the Microsoft logo and the markings “Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows” on the back. It would help if you also looked for listings, including the CD, official booklet, and drivers.

7. Drivers are not required.

Although you do not need them, having them and looking through the detailed sheet will help you place your wagers more confidently. The product you receive should also work well.

When you try to install the drivers, Windows will automatically download them. Microsoft doesn’t sell drivers separately, so that you may be taking a risk. The official versions are $15, just like Amazon.

8. You can save a lot by installing your adapter yourself.

The whole process is useless if your purchase does not work. Instead, save your money and purchase the entire bundle. You will need to do several things on Windows to install the adapter driver.

The steps will vary depending on whether you’re using Windows 7 or 10. The most common thing is to locate the device after it has been plugged in in your “devices manager.” It should read “Xbox 360 wireless receiver Windows”.

9. Windows 8 vs. Windows 7.

To install Windows 8 on Windows 8, plug in the adapter and wait for Windows 8 to recognize it. Windows 8 will automatically install drivers, making your adapter available for use. Windows 7 will prompt you to add the new hardware. Click on “Install the program automatically” and then click on “Add USB adapter.” It is likely to download the software unconnectedly, or you can install it after the CD.

10. Windows 10.

Drivers are available for all Windows versions. They are available here, for example. Try out some games to test your controller. Unknown clones will require their drivers. Check them immediately or return them.

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