TechDAS Unveils TDC01-Dia Phono Cartridge

Posted on 21st March, 2024

TechDAS Unveils TDC01-Dia Phono Cartridge

Japanese analogue specialists TechDAS have announced the TDC01-Dia, the latest flagship MC cartridge in the highly acclaimed TDC01 line.

TechDAS says that “after three years of research and development TDC01-Dia sets a new standard in sonic excellence with its ground breaking use of diamond technology”.

The crown jewel of the TDC01 cartridge line, this new release is distinguished by its diamond cantilever, which the company asserts is the superior material for this application, offering unmatched speed and response characteristics. Crafted from titanium, both the cartridge body and its base underscore the brand's commitment to quality and durability.

TechDAS TDC01-Dia

Specifications come in at with a wide operating frequency range from 10 Hz to an impressive 50,000 Hz, with a quoted internal impedance of 1.4 ohms and requires a tracking force between 2.0 and 2.5 grams. Weighing in at 17 grams, TechDAS also specifies a loading recommendation of 100–200 Ohms, a channel imbalance of 0.5 dB, and a minimum channel separation of 30 dB.

Available for purchase in Japan, the TDC-01 Dia costs 1,540,000 yen, which is approximately £7,970, based on current exchange rates.

For more information visit TechDAS

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