JLab Studio Pro ANC Cans Offer Impressive Battery Stamina & Great Price

Posted on 2nd April, 2024

JLab Studio Pro ANC Cans Offer Impressive Battery Stamina & Great Price

Known for its affordable headphones, American brand JLab is now offering the Studio Pro ANC headphones in the UK for just £99.99.

The Studio Pro ANC headphones make an excellent case for themselves as entry-level headphones for teenagers or preteens who might need some creature comforts, such as ANC, to block out annoying background noise.

JLab Studio Pro ANC

The headphones use 40mm neodymium dynamic drivers that cover the 20Hz to 20kHz range and offer three sound options: JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost. These EQ options can be toggled between by pressing both the volume up and down buttons for three seconds, which is handy.

JLab Studio Pro ANC

Four microphones on the Studio Pro ANC are used for the Smart Hybrid ANC system, with feedback and feedforward microphones to cancel out environmental noise. Four ANC modes are available: ANC (High), ANC (Low), ANC Off, and Be Aware, the latter being the passthrough mode.

Bluetooth 5.0 is onboard, although the headphones are limited to the SBC codec. There's no multipoint connectivity, but the Studio Pro ANC makes up for it by offering wired connectivity via the USB-C port, which is also used for charging. The headphones even support passive listening when wired, although the ANC can be turned on if required.

JLab Studio Pro ANC

Battery life is commendable, with 45 hours when used without ANC and 43 hours with ANC turned on on a single charge. Charging isn't too slow either, with a full charge of the 600mAh battery requiring 135 minutes.

JLab Studio Pro ANC

Unfortunately, there's no IP rating, but the headphones are pretty lightweight at just 222g and boast a 2-year warranty.

The headphones are also very packable since they're able to fold in on themselves, and the 1-inch Cloud Foam earpads should provide ample padding for the listener.

JLab Studio Pro ANC

While we're not expecting these to be the final word in breathtaking pinpoint accuracy and detail, the JLab Studio Pro ANC headphones prove to be great affordable daily drivers for the commute.

The JLAB Studio Pro ANC wireless over-ear headphones are now available for £99.99.

Visit JLab for more information


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