iFi’s GO Bar Kensei Takes The Fight To Other Ultraportable DACs

Posted on 20th March, 2024

iFi’s GO Bar Kensei Takes The Fight To Other Ultraportable DACs

Taking its name from the finest Japanese warriors, the GO bar Kensei is armed with cutting-edge K2HD tech.

iFi continues to highlight the benefit of having a DAC between your mobile device and headphones. The British-based company now adds the iFi Go bar Kensei, touted as the “world's first ultraportable DAC with K2HD technology” and “the pinnacle of our journey of refinement in the GO bar range”.

iFi GO bar Kensei

K2HD has been developed by JVC's sound engineers. We're told that this protocol “revives rich, natural harmonics into emotionally flat and lifeless digital recordings”. iFi adds that “every note resonates with depth and clarity” because of this.

iFi GO bar Kensei

The Kensei supports files up to 384kHz, DSD256 and even MQA, while built-in “iEMatch” technology matches the output levels for your headphones automatically.

iFi GO bar Kensei

You get a 4.4mm and a 3.5mm headphone output alongside a USB-C port for charging. Crafted from “Japanese stainless steel”, it “draws inspiration from the craftsmanship of a Kensei's legendary blade”. We dare wager that a katana will serve you better than a 65x22x13.2 mm DAC in battle, but the GO bar Kensie does feature a Turbo mode for hungrier headphones and IEMatch for sensitive IEMs, delivering up to 475mW of continuous power,

iFi GO bar Kensei

Thanks to the Kensei's enhanced power and clock circuitry, iFi promises that the compact DAC can produce a wide, open soundstage alongside plenty of detail and a full, robust bass response. If you want to tailor the sound, the GO bar Kensei offers four digital filter options in addition to two analogue processing modes: the bass-boosting “XBass” profile and the more spacious “XSpace” profile.

iFi GO bar Kensei

The iFi GO bar Kensei portable DAC is available now for £449/ €449.

Visit iFi for more information


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