Goldmund’s Latest Trio Features a God and Two Titans

Posted on 5th March, 2024

Goldmund’s Latest Trio Features a God and Two Titans

Rhea, Asteria and Theia follow Gaia in Goldmund's wireless speaker range.

Goldmund's Asteria, Rhea, and Theia active loudspeaker systems are “forged from the esteemed legacy of the Gaïa”, Goldmund's flagship model and promise a combination of “unparalleled audio quality with distinctive yet elegant styling and the ability to adjust to your room's unique acoustics”. Moreover, these Swiss-made marvels are wireless.

Goldmund Asteria, Rhea, and Theia

The borrowing from Greek mythology for the names Rhea (mother of the Gods), Asteria (daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe and the sister of Leto), and Theia (daughter of Uranus and Gaia and wife of the Titan Hyperion) apparently reflects Goldmund's ambition to elevate the listening journey beyond the conventional, “offering a vast, deeply immersive experience across all musical genres”.

Asteria, Rhea, and Theia are fashioned from silver-grey aluminium alloy and feature matching grilles. Micro-blasted aluminium is used for the vertical and edge enclosure panels, offering an elegant contrast to the brushed aluminium horizontally aligned internal panels.

Goldmund Asteria

The Asteria (110 x35 x 35 cm (HxWxD)) offers a claimed frequency response that stretches from 34.5 Hz to 25 kHz (-6dB), powered by integrated Telos amplifiers delivering 600 watts per unit to the soft dome tweeter, 7-inch mid and 9-inch woofer.

Goldmund Rhea

Next in line is the Rhea (135 x 45 x 54 cm (HxWxD)), which increases the lower frequency response to 26.5 Hz. Here, the soft dome tweeter and 7-inch mid-driver are joined by a 12-inch, all powered by 650 watts of Telos amplification per unit.

Goldmund Theia

As the step below the mighty Gaia, Theia stands 158 x 55 x 67.5 cm (HxWxD) and extends the frequency response further at 21 Hz to 25 kHz via a soft dome tweeter, 4-inch high mid, 6-inch low mid and 12-inch, each being powered by 875-watts of Telos amplification.

The trio of speakers are all designed with Goldmund's exclusive Proteus LS technology and equipped with Leonardo Time Correction technology through its Digital Processing System (DSP).

We are told that the combination of that in-house tech ensures that sound is not only “pure and precise” but also adaptable to the unique acoustics of any space. This is no doubt aided by what looks to be a microphone set between the tweeter and mid. With options for both wired and wireless connections, including a USB dongle for effortless integration with computers, the speakers' DSP operates at an impressive 24-bit/96kHz, with the promise of the highest fidelity audio output.

Goldmund Asteria, Rhea, and Theia

The speakers employ Goldmund's Mechanical Grounding building technology, which removes vibrations from the structure. The Swiss-based engineers state that, as a result, there is no overemphasis on certain tones, and the sound preserves its naturalness.

Available to order from Goldmund and its partners now, the Asteria is priced at £89,000, with the Rhea costing £137,000 and Theia, £275,000.

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